expectation by author amit kumar metoyou


Expectation starts when we grow up asking for candies and toys from our parents. We did ask for anything and everything that has been a…
Amit Kumar
August 22, 2020
misunderstanding by amit kumar metoyou


Misunderstanding is a word that in my viewpoint can be termed as the most devastating weapon. Of course, after the nuclear ones. It destroys more…
Amit Kumar
July 21, 2020
Illusion by amit kumar metoyou


Illusion, Reading this word, You must be getting flashbacks of all the magic shows being attended by you in adolescence or probably as a teenager…
Amit Kumar
May 11, 2020


How can I be happy? Why doesn’t it gets any easier? Why does it get more complex with each passing day? How can I end…
Amit Kumar
February 19, 2020
sleepless nights by amit kumar metoyou

Sleepless Nights

There are endless sleepless nights when we are just wide awake, staring at the ceiling. We just fail to sleep. It gets away no matter…
Amit Kumar
December 1, 2019
encounter by amit kumar metoyou


Do we ever wonder how many people we meet in our lives or the percentage of crowd our eyeballs catch during our life span? The…
Amit Kumar
September 11, 2019
trust by amit kumar metoyou


TRUST…a five letter word that holds a complete essence of almost all sorts of relationships known to humans. We humans somehow always skip understanding that…
Amit Kumar
February 8, 2019
an article teacher by amit kumar metoyou


I just couldn't figure out what to write. Thoughts getting slipped away every time I took pen in hand. It was like things get a…
Amit Kumar
January 26, 2019
life by amit kumar metoyou


Life. How many of us wonder what life is? How do we live it? How do we make most out of it? How this very…
Amit Kumar
January 6, 2019
a blog by amit kumar metoyou

why metoyou ?

You may be wondering what made you reach here to metoyou, to this blog, why at all you should stay and read it ?? This…
Amit Kumar
December 27, 2018