How can I be happy?

Why doesn’t it gets any easier?

Why does it get more complex with each passing day?

How can I end these miseries of life?

Certainly, I can’t leave this materialistic world, I do have to live in this world. But the unsolved question still remains…the first one…How can I be happy?

Why does everyone fail me…or why do I fail people?

Am I not congruous with any of these people?

And when this tsunami of thoughts hit your brain cells with intensity, all human mind can think of is zero. A numbness resides in the mind.

We get people in our lives, people so fine and complete that to avoid losing them, we hold onto them so strongly that we break them. It turns out that all we ever wanted was to make them trophy of showcasing to the world or even if we genuinely loved and meant them to be in our lives, we gripped so hard that they broke.

Now the important question emerges is what do we do to not lose them?

This question can be elucidated in a single word. But I’ll try to justify this beautiful concept in a few words as best I can, will try to define it in the best words possible.

The solution to this scenario is not to be attached more, while the solution is DETACHMENT. And trust me Detachment is nowhere similar to leaving a person or not being attached.

Detachment is an art and expertise of self-conscious, a stage where a human mind gets on the stage of being okay with losing people, while not having any intention to lose them. Trying everything in the capacity to keep them but at the same time not agonising about losing them.

Having the true realisation of accepting a universal fact of CHANGE, knowing that even if you have every intention to make it permanent it always can be temporary. Having a margin in conscious that you may have to live without an individual or things.

That detachment, believe me, saves you from a lot of pain and agony.

True, it really feels comforting to live in a dream, believing that every emotion, relationship, people are permanent.

Not saying being optimistic is something wrong, but being detached will make you into a person, A SHIELD, the kind of PERSON who cannot be hurt with anything in life.

Not just people and emotions, detachment should be put into every possible aspect of life and from there it leads to the first step towards bliss, happiness and state of peace.

Of course, it doesn’t come easy, attachment holds a gravity of its own. A very powerful one. It pulls our inner self, weakening our self-control and discipline.

Whatever makes you strong doesn’t come easy. Detachment is difficult, a lot difficult but attaining even a fraction shall be worth it.

I somewhere read “ Non-attachment is freedom from things, It is a self-realisation of the truth of reality that your consciousness cannot be affected by anything. It is only our egoic mind that makes you believe otherwise.”

These words deeply touched me, were so compelling that pulled me to the self analysation of how reprehensible and feeble concept of emotions we held onto for our lives.

Teachings of detachment should not be mistaken for a lack of compassion or love.

The best possible practise of presence and mindfulness makes us detached, It is basically disallowing to rely upon anything other than your own presence of awareness and sense of wellbeing.


It doesn’t affect how you appreciate, love, admire and enjoy life. It simply means that your happiness is no longer defined by anything outside of you. It is being free from the heart and mind.


At last, the feelings you feel, the experiences you experience aren’t gone, all that happens is you are neither attached nor defined by them.

Detachment consists of a deep paradox. The only way to conquer it is to,


And Ultimate freedom is yours.


Conquer it. It’s you, inside you. Let this burden not drown you. Be DETACHED.

Will be back soon. Spread Love. Take care.

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Pooja Udayan

Yes, it was supposed to be okay by now. Never mind, great things demands time. 🙂
I loved it , Amit. The kind of language you’ve used, the phrases speak it all. Keep shining.

Kind regards,
Pooja Udayan xx

Mamta Yadav

Get’s one thinking about a lot of everyday things and people we come across


The blog is well written. The contents are quite true. Difficult to detatch when one is attached to anything whether it is a human being or material item.
However, to me this is the stage where if one can detatch oneself from the materialistic world,it will definitely lead to self actualisation which to me should be the ultimate goal of any human being.
All the best Amit for the future. Regards


Very well put across. Reminded me of the episode from Mahabharata wherein Krishna was preaching about detachment to Arjun.😊