Taking a breath with happiness being uncertain whether the next breath is destined certainly qualifies as hope. To not worry for the next moment is hope. To worry but still be able to maintain some positivity in all the adverse situations is hope. Being alive, trying to do something purposeful aware of the ultimate truth that death is predestined is hope.

But why this topic today. Why suddenly do I feel a need to talk to you about it?

The only definite reason for it is that I am a hopeful person. Unaware of how, but somehow I manage to be positive and optimistic when my world falls apart and when all it seems is a dead end. It is sometimes for few is also termed as stupidity. Especially the negative ones will never appreciate you for being optimistic.

Luckily few learn to be hopeful & ultimately universe puts some miracles and hopes never go wrong.

There are times when all it seems like a broken boat that is destined to be drowned. Somehow you manage to put duct tape onto it just by using a magic wand. That magic wand is obviously unrealistic, but it symbolizes hope. This wand is a positive mindset that makes us cross the paths of agony, pain, and stressful times.

A few years back in my career, I imagined my retirement working in the same company maximum as VP and having no other achievements to be made. Just a job which has marked by the time of life as 9 to 5. Working days and nights till my time of retirement and death. But deep in my conscience, a hope kept me alive to be more than an HR, to contribute more to the world, to life, to myself, to my family. When I truly hoped, In the end, the company did shut down its operation in the unit, I turned from HR to jobless. Not stating that the company did shut operations because of me being hopeful. I am trying to convey that the universe showed me a way to resume my business, provided me with a vision for other opportunities, and to find ways to live more.

I haven’t achieved anything extraordinary to date. Earned a few people who like my creations. I love writing. I own an adequate-sized business. Still, I am proud of being hopeful and pragmatic. I am buoyant that the universe will keep gifting me with something better with each passing day, and death bed will be satisfactory.

It applies to each one of us. To every individual out there thinking there bad days as the end. Plenty ask me for the techniques to be happy, to be hopeful, ways to deal with the adverse conditions of life. There are a lot of us out there with a tired mind.

Honestly, there is no trick or technique. Just a simple solution, Close your eyes, turn on the rewind mode of life, look into the past, join the dots and you’ll find yourself in a much better place than you were previously in. And if it doesn’t apply to you, all you need to have is patience.

You will be there. There is more to life. The universe is gonna gift you with everything you couldn’t ever have dreamt of. More you could have ever imagined. All you need to be is being hopeful and working towards your dreams.

Yes, you will get a good position at your job.

Yes, you will marry the person you love.

Yes, you will find someone who will love you the way you believe in love.

Yes, your business will succeed.

Yes, you will crack that deal.

Yes, you will make good friends.

Yes, It is all gonna happen.

Trust the timing.

Be Hopeful.
Be positive.
Be hardworking.
Be truthful.
Be good to yourself.
You deserve a tap on your shoulder.


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Aarti Solanki

Very nice, hearttouching.