Illusion, Reading this word, You must be getting flashbacks of all the magic shows being attended by you in adolescence or probably as a teenager or at any point in life.

The excitement of watching a pigeon appearing from NOWHERE out of Magician’s hat.

Growing up, we realize that it’s all an illusion. Nothing ever about it has been real.

Wondering people dyeing in a movie in our childhood and being sad about it for days was the scariest thing ever. Not being able to figure the difference between real pain and an illusion.

Entering into our teenage most of us apprehend that majority of our childhood was based on an illusion. Those devils mom spoke of at nights to get us to sleep, did never exist. That another boy who competed with us supping milk in the mirror was never real.


But is it limited to just that? Does only magician’s pigeon qualify to be termed as an illusion?


It is more than that. It is far from being true.

The life we cherish,
The gadgets we hold dear to us,
The relationships we make,
The expectations,
The belief of being owners,
The dreams,
The Greed,
The Hate,
The Envy,
The Anger,
The feeling of being attached…

Isn’t it all just an illusion. Doesn’t it qualify for just a bigger version of something that we don’t understand and believe in yet?

Isn’t it all just the same as a popping pigeon of a magician appearing out of nowhere and disappearing somewhere?

Don’t we always live in an illusion of being in control whereas the reality is that we fail and fear to get out of our homes as an invisible micro-organism starts controlling us?

Wasn’t and isn’t this theory of being in control just an illusion?

People considering themselves as the owners while all they are nothing more than the meaningless fragments of nature.

Just a meaningless fraction of something greater beyond understanding for diminutive brains of humans.

Even if few realize this truth of BEING NOBODY, why don’t they accept the reality? What stops them from being real?

How is it any better than being dead, living with a life full of lies with not being able to differentiate and reason with the facts of truth?

Why does it feel comforting to live a life full of lies…in ILLUSION?

Well, I cannot figure out because I do not have the wisdom to realize it completely. Hopefully, someday I’ll be able to gain strength and wisdom to believe and live in reality. As this is something I dream of attaining.

Recently, a cousin just committed suicide and left this illusive world. I wonder whether he realized the truth.

If he did, he realized it too soon. Well, maybe.

Just 20 years of life and an exit. Not cool brother. You should have lived a little more in this illusive world.

The world isn’t so bad after all that you were in such a rush to leave. Yes it is painful at times, but we are programmed to feel pain, why couldn’t you bear a little more?

Why couldn’t you fulfill the expectations of the people around you?

Why did you quit?

You could have asked for help. Even if we didn’t talk in years, it gives me an agonizing feeling knowing that your last moments were of pain and suffering. You deserved to leave in peace.

Nobody deserves this sort of farewell.

Missing you little brother. Rest in peace. You may not know me much, but we will meet.


Away from Illusions. In a real place.

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Parikshit Chikne

I just read this one, the illusion. And you have put it in a way that gives an exact glimpse of what it really mean to be in an illusion. Did it great. About to read others. And I am damn sure, they are as good as this one. Well done. All the best!!!