Life. How many of us wonder what life is?

How do we live it?

How do we make most out of it?

How this very moment can be better than the previous one or how the next one can be made better?

Out of all of it. What is Life? The question most of us never get an answer to.

Well, I personally never thought of the life I am living today, in-fact never imagined a few years back that what I am today could even be possible at some point.

Mostly none of us ever thinks that way and not all our plans get succeeded. That isn’t logical correct?

What we usually do is just waste our time, every moment, every precious moment of our life doing what we are asked or in-fact instructed to do by our teachers in the very first place, parents, our bosses and society and the list keeps adding on.

Have you ever thought what you deserve, how you deserve to live, Did that almighty gave this life to be puppets? Really. No, he didn’t. I do not feel this way.

Do we ever think this way? No, because we are so busy and chained in the rhythm of our so-called systematic life cycle that this again doesn’t seem to be logical. Correct? Things don’t work this way. It has been fed in our sub-conscience from the very first stage of our lifespan.

We live to impress people, who are actually not supposed to be impressed at the very first place. That fact shouldn’t even be a thought to be considered. Expecting things from people which was never necessary.

But when we realize that the life we are wasting, could and should have been actually LIVED.

It really never gets so late to start with, and surely I am not somebody you should listen to or pay attention to, but yes listen to your deep conscience somewhere shouting and urging you to pay attention to it. That conscience is the most important thing to be considered and believe me it never lies.

And I can so say is because I wasted infinite breaths for doing things which weren’t important, that wasted time couldn’t be undone, but this very present and that future can be brightened.

I am living today.

A life I wanted to, Living my passion, My Dream.

Life is not something to be planned systematically, or to be logically planned and executed. That only works in the technical and mathematical world.

Just Live it. That is what matters. Trust me you will fall in love with everything you will come across once started living.

Mean a bit for life and life will surely mean a lot to you.

Will be back with the next thought soon. Don’t forget to Put down your comments in the comment box below. Your own thoughts on the same.

Love and Respect. Good Bye. Jai Hind


[Image Courtesy: & Tiny Buddha]
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Pooja Udayan

You’re awesome! Keep killing. 🙂