You may be wondering what made you reach here to metoyou, to this blog, why at all you should stay and read it ??

This thought could be hammering your mind that why don’t I just click on the red cross above and just surf some other blog or even some video surfing websites.

Well, you should stay because this is something. This why section has been written the way it came to my mind. Poured into words from the mind as it is.

To be very clear and truthfully, I’ll admit this is something I’ve written the first time. I dare to publish through my blog to the public. So I request you to please be a bit lenient with my writing style. But what can I promise you is, every word is written here from the heart directly ME to YOU.

While sitting with my friend a day, I mentioned my interest in putting my thoughts, the way I think, the bitter and sweet experiences of my life, for which I am thankful to God, to be discussed with you. What he mentioned and was a booster for me to start a blog and which I think could be the best platform for transporting thoughts from Me to You.

You can expect to get any type of content here in my blogs about technology, gaming, web development, nature, gadgets, my own personal experiences.

The beauty about words is no filter can be used alike images for beautification. Words are as they are. Displayed as thought.

And yes Truth is Bitter and be ready to read a lot of it here. You will just find the truth here.

Hope you will be loving it, criticizing it, supporting it. Be sure to put your comments down in the comments section.

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