Misunderstanding is a word that in my viewpoint can be termed as the most devastating weapon. Of course, after the nuclear ones.

It destroys more people than any other feeling ever could. The maximum percentage of people’s separation depends on this word.

Why does it happen?

All I could figure to date is because of a truth that is we do not listen to understand. We do not want to acknowledge it.

Our feeling of righteousness that is indeed wrong stops us from resonating with the truth.

We hear to counter the questions and facts, not to understand and make things better.

We feel proud of our wins that won’t matter after a while, but we tend to be alright with losing people, we accept to live with a restrain in our mind.

Most of us cover our misunderstandings with our self made definition of righteousness in our conscience, trying to hide our face deep into it.

Most of us might wonder why cannot this be avoided?

It can easily steer clear off but usually not happens because what is needed is the courage to accept the facts.

It takes courage to get out of a self-taught world of our perceptions, guts to step out of things made up in our mind because of how we want to imagine things which are far from literal.

We let misunderstandings grow.
We let the pain grow.
We let the sorrow reside.
We let our hearts be heavy.

But we do not give up over our self made false perception about life, person or the conditions.

We carry the weight of stones that could easily be thrown just with a little courage.

A classic example is of a person standing at another end where the digit is visible as the digit six while another person sees it as a nine. Both are correct until a person does wrong and makes misunderstanding resides when he does not tries to reason things from different perspectives. The courage to accept the truth of life.

The non-willingness of acceptance is what keeps us away from the bliss.

Acceptance can mostly solve most of the misunderstandings, only if we dare to listen, ask questions, discuss, and most importantly LISTEN and UNDERSTAND.

Life is to be lived lightly. Avoid lifting weights that are not necessary. Be Courageous and clear out the misunderstandings. Wipe the slate clean.

Give yourself a chance for redemption.

Life is too short to be troubled and keeping the head filled with the burdens.

Drop your worries that misunderstanding accompanies.

Will meet soon with another thought. Take Care. Love. Peace.

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