There are endless sleepless nights when we are just wide awake, staring at the ceiling. We just fail to sleep. It gets away no matter how hard we try.

Sometimes, it gets so hard that eyes start hurting because we try just too hard to keep them shut, to call sleep.

And It isn’t only when we aren’t tired, it also happens when it’s been a hectic day of work, tough workout at the gym, the body gets tired but eyes just deny to sleep. Something keeps us awake.

What is, that stops sleep for entering our eyes, so powerful that keeps us awake for long nights when everything we desire is just the sleep?

I tried to reason it, tried finding a reason behind the inexplicable truth, but all happened was more indecipherable.

I didn’t find any good reason which could justify my ardor for the answer.

What I somehow could figure is that the thing most of us do wrong here at this point is that we actually try to manipulate and comfort ourselves with the reasons, which are actually far from the real reasons.

Sleep is something very essential for us, but we let something overpower it. And it’s not always that eyes don’t have it, the thoughts in our mind are which doesn’t allow us to sleep. It happens just because of a very simple thing. DENIAL OF ACCEPTANCE.

YES, Acceptance is the first step towards the solution, where we just have to accept the real reason behind the disarray in our mind. We OVERTHINK, OVERANALYSE, try to escape the truth.

YES, we all have our own battles in life, thoughts which just kill us, negative possibilities of future strong enough to break us apart, to take away our peace, sleep. Reasons that are powerful enough to make us wander in dark horizons, in our sleepless nights.

It could be anything, in any form of memories, experiences, incomplete love stories, failed dreams, embarrassments, humiliations encountered at some point in time, your deeds, karma, self-realizations, failures, failed expectations from your loved ones, your surroundings. There could be infinite reasons that make a person insomniac and nights become sleepless nights.

The biggest mistake we make here is that we let negative thoughts overpower all our hopes and optimism hidden somewhere in our hearts. The hope of a feeling that everything gets better over time. Few people get on a path of Pills and alcohol which is never the answer to your issues.

We let all the positivities of our heart and mind succumbed by all the negativities. We let our peace vanish away just because we fail to control our wandering mind, which in the first place can actually be controlled.

Why do we often let it happen despite knowing that the pain is just a state of mind? There is nothing real about it. Why don’t we ever think that there would be no more sleepless nights just if we remember that there would still be morning, a fresh day where we can make things better.

YES, It is tough to deal. Nothing seems right when u can’t sleep and all we want is to sleep and more you try, tougher it gets.

But what I’ve learned is maybe we do it the wrong way, maybe the right approach would be to let go of our overthought thoughts. To let go of the things which at the point cannot be controlled.

Maybe the right thing would be to not trying to be in control and trusting the process, nature, the universe. Having Hope.

Let’s meet soon with another thought. Please let me know your views below in the comment box.

Till then, Love you all. Sleep Well. Jai Hind


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Vaibhavi Kohli

Nice… Good going Amit… Keep it up & keep on inspiring us with your thoughts…

Nishtha Goel

That’s soooo relatable…for every one specially among the youth!!

Pooja Udayan

Written quite well. I look forward to another one yet again. 🙂


This article is one of the best articles I have ever read.
Congratulations to the author, I distributed the article to my friends.

Royal CBD

Excellent site. A lot of useful info here. I am sending it to some buddies and also sharing in delicious.

And obviously, thank you on your effort!


Beautifully written 💞

Astha Sharma

This is amazing man….the major cause of insomnia is stress and positivity is the only Medicine of stress without any side effects 💙