I just couldn’t figure out what to write. Thoughts getting slipped away every time I took pen in hand. It was like things get a bit tough when you try a bit harder than required. Sometimes all you need is to lose yourself a little.

Well, all of a sudden when rewinding through moments and past. I stuck at my school memories, and interestingly now I realize how important my teachers were to me.

Such a name was Mr. Vijay Saha. Well, I don’t know how is he as to haven’t heard from him for long. Every time I tried reaching out to him, he wasn’t available.

Anyways, he and his memories are still as fresh as was during that intermediate period of school in my conscience.

To be true, if he couldn’t have been there and even in life if you try to make a sequence of events in your conscience you will realize even if that one moment or person could have been missed your life wouldn’t have been the way it is today.

Admitting I wasn’t a bright student in numerical subjects, was only good in managerial and theoretical subjects at the time. Accounts and economics were nightmares and interestingly Vijay Sir taught us Accounts.

He was a great hell of a person. A person that I’ll always be proud of, a person who had positivity beyond words. He taught life, way better than accounts.

He was the only person behind me passing accounts on boards or else could have repeated exam and as said that one event could have altered the way life is today. He worked way harder more than his students to not let them fail and with the ease, he taught even duffers was remarkable.

Now after all this long time, a span of 8 years I can somewhat understand insights of his statements made about life, us, our behaviors.

Despite having a hell of problems in his life which I won’t disclose as he shared with great confidence with us few, we were as a favorite group of students. He leads a life always devoted to his students, his teaching. All he knew was loving his students, making the best out of them. Contributing maximum he could to their success.

He taught us to handle emotional turbulences of life, to focus on what was more important than sticking to pain and sorrow.

His words, one-liners, perspective towards life was something that I am still trying to learn and hopefully, I will someday. To ignore the pain and move on.

I am still unknown whether he has been able to overcome the pain he had after these 8 years or not, but all I can say to you sir is that you are special, valued, and respected.

We may not get in touch for years in these hurdles of life but you will always be in my heart holding that special place as a teacher, a person that can never be forgotten. In today’s world when human contacts and emotions are so fabricated, I feel lucky me being the person who still has thoughts about his teachers.

I just want to convey, I may not have scored 90 % in accounts but it is not always about grades as you agreed. It is how we grow as a person in life. The regards we have for our teachers’ parents and relations in life. That’s what matters at last.

Lastly, I would just say I miss you, sir. Thank you for being my teacher.

This article is dedicated to all the teachers and for all the people missing their teachers. All you have to do is pick your phone and just call them. Try to get in touch.

It feels wonderful.

Love you all. Take care. Will meet you all soon with some thoughts. Some other time.

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Shanelle Scovell

Hi, the Teacher – metoyou is very good, congratulations to metoyou.in’ authors.

Love yourself and be happy! 🙂 Kisses!